Current advantages of selling with Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre was the first marketplace to sell online in Mexico. It has been operating and evolving for more than a decade. Its preference for the Mexican market is quite visible throughout the country.

And since competitor Amazon arrived to Mexico, Mercado Libre has done nothing but invest in the efficiency of its online sales system, as well as its distribution network.

For those who have an eCommerce business in Mexico, it will always be attractive to connect their catalog to Mercado Libre’s network. Especially for new products entering the Mexican market. The mere fact of having the products listed in this marketplace represents a form of advertising.

Below I list the three main advantages I see for integrating with Mercado Libre.

Constant traffic

It is the site that concentrates more traffic in Mexico and has become the preferred sales channel for Mexicans. This is demonstrated by a Comscore study, where they claim to have a total of 23 million unique visitors monthly.

Official Stores

Nike, Adidas, GNC and Neutrogena are some of the many popular brands that sell their products with official stores. There are more than 2,000 official stores in Mexico.

One of the benefits is that Mercado Libre assumes up to 50% of the cost of shipping, which in turn depends on the size of the purchase.


Mercado Libre’s package delivery is unmatched. They have their own delivery network throughout the country. And they have opened 270 thousand square meters in distribution center spaces.
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Mercado Libre offers its customers all the benefits of convenience and choice by providing a wide variety of brands and items at the best prices. To that we add no-quibble returns and lightning-fast delivery.

Integrating your eCommerce to the Mercado Libre network can be very advantageous in terms of advertising. The commission per sale is around 15% of the order.

Alberto S.R.
Alberto S.R.

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