An eCommerce site is very different to a classic information site. Its main difference is the far higher server load and stress generated on continuous read and write operations.
In North America (Mexico, Canada and USA) there are five dominant eCommerce software ecosystems: 

  • Shopify (closed-source)
  • BigCommerce (closed-source)
  • Magento (closed and open-source)
  • PrestaShop (open-source)
  • WooCommerce (open-source)

We offer your choice of the three open-source frameworks. The right choice should be aligned to your present and future needs. 

Software Pros Cons
MagentoMaximum scalability and ERP integration.Slow performance and limited customizations.
PrestaShopGreat performance and good customization capability.It’s in the middle of the spectrum.
WooCommerceMaximum flexibility and access to all WordPress plugins.Inefficient performance. Bad scalability.


Unlike other eCommerce system providers, we don’t charge extra transaction fees. We just charge a monthly flat rate for annual sales limit. 

Tier Plan Annual Sales MXN Monthly Charge MXN
Tier 1 (SMB)$2,000,000$2,900
Tier 2$20,000,000$7,500
Tier 3$200,000,000$38,500
Pricing comparison:

Our service gives your business more value than other providers at a fraction of their cost.

Service includes:

Hardware server(s)

  • Hardware maintenance
  • Data backups
  • Redundancy and scalability
  • Electricity


  • Operative system configuration and updates
  • eCommerce software configuration and updates
  • Modules and extensions
  • Third party integrations (ERP, payment processors, logistics, etc.)
  • Custom development